Have you avoided 12-step programs because of all that “God stuff”? Developing a sense of Higher Power doesn’t have to be about praying to a personified god. Rather, it is a cognitive act – choosing to tap into a more wise, kind, or sane voice in your head when you start to feel overwhelmed or lost. Particularly for those of us who tend to get monkey mind, getting stuck in internal fights or negative thinking patterns, taking a break to check in with that higher voice – “Hey, it’s me here. My monkey mind won’t shut up. I could use a little help.” – can be quieting.

Yesterday I was communicating with a client* who’s new to 12-step programs. She’s got a Christian orientation and was having difficulty thinking about Higher Power because she feels she’s in a “weird place” with God, as though God is not a fan of what she’s been up to lately. I suggested, “Maybe HP’s aren’t here to give us things. They are here to watch over and be a supportive ear, no matter what we are doing. Picture an HP just sitting in a chaise lounge, sipping ice tea and loving us and we can just pull up a chair if we need a chat. HP may not even care if we come hung over and stinky.”

She promptly sent me this:


And we both LOL’d and I wrote “Kermit the God! Maybe Kermit will be your idea of HP and help you keep your sense of humor on your path?”  I sent back that image above –  Kermit’s feet by the pool – and my client said YES she was going to try meditating by the pool and be twins with Kermie.

#clientsarecreative #higherpower #selfcare #mentalhealth #meganhansontherapy #12step #la12step

*When it’s clinically indicated, I have some text communication with clients between sessions. All clients mentioned in posts agree to have me share stories from our work.



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